Teleworkers Show Increased Interest in Shooting: Best Compound Bows for Them

antaresAs a teleworker, things can become very repetitive and, to be honest, boring. You just find yourself in front the computer and answering the phone pretty much for the whole 9 hours at work. Right after that, even without doing much, you get the feeling of being exhausted and drained and enjoying the outdoors doing intense activities is out of the question. It comes to no surprise that teleworkers today are tackling and showing real interest in shooting arrows also known as archery, the weapon of their choice is the compound bow. So if you are a teleworker who is trying to get into this sport and wanting to get a compound bow, here are the best brands out there in the market today.

Xpedition Archery Perfexion – the company Xpedition has been producing some good performing and even amazing bows as of late, which is surprising because they only have been around for a couple of years. If you would be shooting with the 2014 X-Ring VI model by Xpedition, it is probably going to be on top of your list too. For a relatively young company, they have produced a very smooth bow without sacrificing a comfortable back wall. It has a good foot per second rating. A lot of experts also have high praises for this bow’s well-balanced feel and how little vibration it produces when you shoot an arrow. Its dimensions are 36” axle to axle, about 7.125” brace height and can produce a huge 337 feet per second IBO speed!

Elite Archery Energy 35 – it is almost automatic for Elite to make any list for the best compound bows in the market today. It is well-known in the hunting and archery community that their bows are smooth and make awesome shooters. The Energy 35 is just plainly a pleasant bow to shoot. Balance is great, to say the least, little to no vibration produced and it just plainly feels good all out. Dimensions are 34.75” axle to axle, 7” brace height and can shoot an arrow at 337 feet per second.

Bear Archery Arena 34 – a lot of pros were shocked and surprised by this bow. Even people who are not fans of Bear’s bows find this model, the Arena 34, a superb bow to shoot with. First of all, it is very smooth. Very nice back wall and produces little to no vibrations like any good bow will do. Even if you decide not to like it when you pick it up you will just find yourself liking it in the end after you are done shooting with it, its that good! The Arena 34 measures 34.5” axle to axle, 6.5” brace height and a powerful 340 feet per second speed.

Hoyt Archery Nitrum Turbo – this bow is the marriage of both a speed bow and a bow that can shoot smoothly. It performs well like a lot of bows that the company, Hoyt, has been producing. Even with its 33” axle to axle length and a 6” brace height, it still shoots an arrow up to speeds of 350 feet per second. If what you want is a bow that can produce speed but still want a nice and smooth shooting experience with a bow then as a teleworker, you would want to try out the Nitrum turbo by Hoyt.